Bergamo. Wonder is just a step away from EXPO.

Eating in Bergamo means "Casoncelli". You'll find them on the menu of every restaurant, but if you want to try to cook them yourself we’ll tell how to"
Hare in salmì
Flavorful, pure and intense: this dish will take you into the rural world of the Val Seriana.
If there is one plate that represents Bergamo (and more or less of Northern Italy) its Polenta. You can’t pass through without tasting it!
Polenta e osei
Don’t be fooled by its name: polenta e oséi is also a delicious cake!
Scarpinocc de Par
The filling is simple, bread crumbs and cheese! The form is similar to a shoe (scarpe) and they are delicious!  
Torta Donizetti
This donut shaped cake was so good that to give it a name it had to get the attention of none other than the celebrated musician Donizetti.