Adda River
Discover the landscapes which fascinated the great Leonardo Da Vinci!

It is said that even Leonardo da Vinci was inspired by the magnificent countryside along the Adda River for one of his paintings, when he stayed near Paderno as a guest of the Sforza family.

In this area, rocks known also as the “Corni della Vergine” (Horns of the Virgin) emerge from the rapids, and it is thought that the great artist used these for the background of his “Virgin of the Rocks”. The Adda and its banks, in particular the towpath, offer the ideal environment for outings on foot, by bike or on horseback.

The Bergamask section of the river has features of particular interest such as the ferry of Villa d’Adda, which is still in operation and was made famous by Leonardo who depicted it in one of his drawings, and the iron bridge of San Michele, in Paderno, a masterpiece of industrial archaeology that dates back to the time when the Eiffel Tower was constructed.

The village of Crespi d’Adda was also built on the Bergamask bank of the River Adda, between 1890 and 1910. This village is one of the most interesting and best preserved workers’ villages in Italy, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unusual views can be enjoyed while cruising along the river on board the Addarella, an electric boat that allows visitors to get a glimpse of the beautiful houses and countryside of the Adda Park.