Bergamo. Wonder is just a step away from EXPO.

Typical products

The cheeses
A land of pastures and flocks, Bergamo is obviously full of cheese. Trying them all is impossible but you should definitely try the 9 that are certified PDO!
Bergamo has always been known as wine country. It the last few years attention has shifted to quality not quantity, so come and try as many as you’d like! You won’t be...
Artisan Beers
Not just wine: in recent years Bergamo has seen the emergence of some of the highest quality numerous craft breweries!
Two words for Bergamo’s salami? Variety and Quality! Search for their labels and don’t be disappointed!
Olive Oil
The microclimate of the lake allows Bergamo’s land to offer spectacular homegrown olive oil. 
Mineral Water
The mountains of Bergamo are rich in rivers and crystal clear lakes, it's natural then that it should produce such a wide variety of mineral water!
Flour for Polenta
Some brief historic information The name « polenta » derives from the Latin, puls, and the Greek poltos, the terms given to meals made of flour eaten by both the Greeks and Romans.
Typical Dessert
The land of main courses, but also great desserts! Discover what the Bergamo kitchen can offer to end the meal

Formagella cheese from the Scalve Valley