Ancient villages
Small villages overlooking the lake, tiny hamlets where the European postal service was born, medieval centres where time has stopped, small towns full of art treasures: places where art, architecture and nature perfectly blend.

Lovere, Gromo and Camerata Cornello have been awarded “Italy’s most beautiful boroughs”, but all the other ones are just as lovely: come visit them with us.

Yes, the European postal service was born in Camerata Cornello, a village in Brembana Valley. Despite their small size, both the museum and the old centre deserve a visit.

Moreover, other gems are nestled on the Lake Iseo’s shores: Lovere, with its picture galleries, its churches and palaces, and Sarnico, where you can catch a boat and go see the lovely Art Nouveau gardens and villas.

Go admire Gromo and its slate roofs, a surprisingly beautiful village dating back to the Middle Age.

In Clusone you can enjoy the astonishing XV Century frescos depicting one of the most famous European Dance Macabre, along with a fantastic Triumph of Death. Last but not least, don’t miss the XVI Century Astronomic Clock, still in perfect conditions, marking the motions of the stars, the Earth, the sun and the moon.