The Castles
The border between the Republic of Venice and the Duchy of Milan, Bergamo saw a proliferation of fortifications. Now the border is no more, but the castles are, and they're waiting to be explored!

The great Bergamask plain is dominated by the figure of Bartolomeo Colleoni, the renowned condottiero.

Born in 1395 in the small town of Solza, where his modest family castle can be found, he had an important role in the disputes between Venice and the Visconti of Milan. Appointed commander of all troupes of the Republic, he settled in the Castle of Malpaga and transformed it into a splendid residence.

Other castles and fortified villages of considerable interest in this area include Martinengo and Romano. Castles were also built by the Visconti family, such as Castle of Pagazzano, the only one to have preserved its original water-filled moat.