Lakes and rivers
Bergamo has beautiful rivers and lakes: in the crystalline mountain lakes and rivers of the plains you'll be sure to find a place for a refreshing swim!

One of the greatest riches of Bergamo province is its abundance of water.

The great rivers Adda, Oglio, Serio and Brembo, the two lakes Endine and Iseo and the enchanting ponds in the Orobie mountains give rise to a multi-coloured landscape that can be admired and enjoyed through different sports.

Endine Lake and the Cavallina Valley
The lake may be small, but the beauty of its banks is great. Discover its green beaches or go hunting for the remains of the Roman Empire!
Lake Iseo
Nature, food, wine, sport, relax, monuments, shopping: Lake Iseo is a lovely territory to be discovered, at approximately half an hour’s drive from Bergamo. Enjoy it! 
Brembo and Serio Rivers
Two rivers for one land! Bergamo is embraced by Brembo and Serio, come and discover them both    
Adda River
Discover the landscapes which fascinated the great Leonardo Da Vinci!