Tourist tax

The tourist tax is a tax established according to Art.4 of the Legislative Decree 14 March 2011 n.23.

Each Municipality may decide to set up this tax, by City Council resolution, charged to those who stay in the accommodation facilities of their territory.

The relative revenue is intended to finance interventions in favour of tourism, maintenance, use and recovery of cultural and environmental assets, as well as local public services.

The tax is paid for each overnight stay (i.e. per person per night) in accommodation facilities located in the territory of the municipalities that have decided to adopt this measure, up to a maximum of 10 consecutive nights.

Follow this link to view the list of Municipalities in the Province of Bergamo with tourist tax (constantly updated)

Important news for the tourist tax in Bergamo (city) from June 2018

Starting from June, the tourist tax will be re-evaluated and quantified to the amount of 6% of the cost of accommodation, with a maximum limit of €4 per person per night. In the "Youth Hostels" the amount will be €0.50 per person per night. Children under the age of 18 are exempt and the tax only applies for the first 5 consecutive nights of the stay.