The area called “isola” (“island”) and Bergamo’s plain consist of a large territory rich of outstanding monuments – Roman ruins, Romanesque churches, monasteries, aristocratic mansions. However, the vintage industrial sites such as San Michele Bridge in Calusco and Crespi d’Adda company town, a UNESCO world heritage site, are the most surprising and beautiful ones, due to their remarkable history.

Towers, strongholds and castles mark out Bergamo’s “isola”, the land between river Adda and river Brembo, reminding us of its troubled history. You can learn more about it by visiting the main sites where the battles took place: castles, of course. Do not miss the ones in Solza, Mapello and Calusco. Moreover, Bergamo’s “isola” also hosts many precious remains of religious power: Santa Giulia Romanesque church in Bonate and the medieval abbey in Fontanella, just to name a few.

Furthermore, in the village of Sotto il Monte you can visit the places of the Good Pope, Saint John XXIII.

This area also features a daring engineering work, very similar to the Eiffel Tower. It’s the iron bridge of San Michele, with its 266 meters-long span connecting the villages of Calusco and Paderno d’Adda. Last but not least: Crespi d’Adda. One of the best preserved examples of company town in Europe, it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1995.

The most significant castles are located South of Bergamo: Malpaga and Cavernago’s, once belonged to the famous mercenary captain Bartolomeo Colleoni, or even Palazzago’s, Urgnano and Pumenengo’s, along with the lovely centres of Romano di Lombardia, Martinengo and Treviglio, an important and dynamic small town rich of cultural activities.
Pilgrims must surely go visit the Caravaggio Sanctuary, one of the most majestic centres for the cult of Mary.

The plain
High city, low city…flat city? Bergamo also means plains, with its vast fields of corn, fifteenth-century castles and numerous sanctuaries
The Bergamo Island
Okay, we admit it: the island is not a real island. But the ferry of Leonardo Da Vinci is authentic!