Brembo and Serio Rivers
Two rivers for one land! Bergamo is embraced by Brembo and Serio, come and discover them both    

The River Serio begins at 2,500 metres altitude between the slopes of Mount Torena; it is 174 kilometres long and crosses the entire Bergamask plain before flowing into the River Adda.

During summer, on certain selected days, the great Barbellino Dam is opened, allowing people gathered along the footpath to watch the spectacular 315-metre high waterfall.

The other Bergamask river, the Brembo, is shorter – only 74 kilometres long - and more torrential and mountainous. For this reason, it is excellent for canoeing, and the best location for this activity is between the towns of Lenna and Ubiale, which alternates sections where the water flows gently between green banks and others where it races rapidly between spectacular rocky cliffs.