The Bergamo Island
Okay, we admit it: the island is not a real island. But the ferry of Leonardo Da Vinci is authentic!

Bergamo Island is an area enclosed between the rivers Adda, Brembo and the slopes of Monte Canto. It is a deeply populated and productive area, which keeps anyway the green areas and the unchanged typical flora and fauna.

It is possible to give yourself up to the nature of 'Parco Adda Nord' (Northern Adda Park) by following the route along the riverside, on foot or by bike, canoe or rubber boat. It is possible to have a break in the naturalistic oasis and to board the Leonardesque ferry in Villa d'Adda, to admire the single-arched iron bridge in Calusco D'Adda and to continue till the Workers' Village of Crespi D'Adda.

Other two parks enrich the Isola: 'Parco del basso corso del fiume Brembo' (Park of the lower course of River Brembo), with clearly marked routes, and the Park of Monte Canto and Bedesco, with sweet paths inside woods.

People who like physical activities and staying in the open air can benefit by facilities equipped for every kind of sports, like swimming pools, cycle-pedestrian lanes, manèges for horse-riding and, few kilometers away, indoor and outdoor golf courses, Spa&Resort for families and much more.

The Bergamo "Island"
This peculiar area is actually a magical land full of spirituality, history and legend.
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Unesco World Heritage
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