The Bergamo "Island"
This peculiar area is actually a magical land full of spirituality, history and legend.

The “Isola bergamasca” (Bergamo “island”) isn’t surrounded by the sea, but it’s enclosed between two river, the Adda and the Brembo, delimiting this amazing territory at the foot of the mountains, where some of the most renowned historic figures left their mark: Leonardo da Vinci, Saint John XXIII and Bartolomeo Colleoni, the great mercenary captain of the Venice Republic.

Let’s find out the best five reasons to visit the Isola, where you can go back in time among mysterious churches, a wonderful company town safeguarded by UNESCO, relaxing natural landscapes and beautiful parks to be enjoyed with the whole family.

Come enjoy a real time travel exploring the factory, the school, the washhouses, the workers’ dwellings and the managers’ luxurious houses. Welcome to XIX Century: we are in the company town of Crespi, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
People from all over the world come to Sotto il Monte: the pilgrims and believers visit the places of the “Good Pope” John XXIII, who was born in a humble farmstead right in this village, in 1881.
Leonardo literally fell in love with the Adda River and chose it as the setting of his painting Virgin of the Rocks. Moreover, he probably designed the reaction ferry that is still used to cross the river: you can go on board in Villa D’Adda.
Come explore the mysteries of Bergamo’s Romanesque style, at the Sant’Egidio Abbey in Fontanella and the Basilica of Santa Giulia in Bonate Sotto: their history links with fascinating legends and historical figures.
You can touch the sky at the astronomical observatory “Torre del Sole” in Brembate, discovering amazing stars and planets. Afterwards, go explore Italy in miniature in the ”Leolandia” theme park.