Artisan Beers
Not just wine: in recent years Bergamo has seen the emergence of some of the highest quality numerous craft breweries!

In recent years, Bergamo and its province have picked up on a nationwide trend that is increasingly taking hold: the production of homemade beers.

There are many breweries in the province: Elav (Comun Nuovo), Endorama (Grassobbio), Maivisto (Sedrina), Maspy (Ponte San Pietro), Orobia (Gorle), Sguaraunda (Pagazzano), Val Cavallina (Endine Gaiano), HopSkin (Curno) and Via Priula (San Pellegrino Terme).

Via Priula Brewery Inn

Birrificio Otus

A.R. Brewing

Agribirrificio Sguaraunda