Bergamo. Wonder is just a step away from EXPO.


- one hare

- Barbera wine (red)

- thyme

- sage

- basil

- marjoram

- bay leaves

- juniper berries

- cloves

- onion

- celery

- carrot

- garlic

- butter

- olive oil

- white flour

- salt



Cut the hare into pieces being careful to keep the blood that is found between the neck and the stomach. Place the meat into a earthenware dish with some Barbera wine, the liver, thyme, sage, basil, marjoram, a bay leaf, a few juniper berries, cloves, one onion, some celery, some garlic, and a little bit of salt. All the ingredients of the marinade should be finely chopped, and the hare should marinate for about two days.

Remove the pieces of meat from the marinade and let the liquid of the marinade drip off. Then brown them in a stewpan in melted butter. After half and hour, add the rest of the marinade. A few minutes later, add the blood from the carcass too. When the meat is cooked, remove it from the pan and pour the gravy through a sieve. Then put the meat and strained gravy back on the burner. Add some butter, kneaded through with a bit of flour, and continue cooking.

Serve after about one hour.

Wine recomandation

Valepio Rosso Doc Riserva.