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Some brief historic information

The name « polenta » derives from the Latin, puls, and the Greek poltos, the terms given to meals made of flour eaten by both the Greeks and Romans. An ancient food originally considered a peasant dish, polenta has been handed down over the years to the present day.

We can even find it mentioned in literature by various writers: a famous passage in the VI chapter of Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed) by Manzoni describes the «polenta» prepared by Tonio for Renzo. Polenta tradizionale


Ingredients for 6 people


- 600 g maize flour;

- 2 l water; coarse salt.


Time required: 45-60 minutes.



put 2 litres of water on to boil. Add approximately one tablespoon of coarse salt. When the water starts to boil, sprinkle the maize flour in slowly and stir rapidly with a wooden spoon to prevent lumps forming. When all the flour has been added, keep stirring in the same direction and from below upwards. Lower the flame and stir until the polenta is cooked. Upturn directly from the pot onto a wooden board and serve.

How long does polenta take to cook?

One hour, even though some say forty-five minutes are enough.

N.B.: Polenta is cooked when it comes away from the sides of the pot!


Polenta Taragna

This "enriched" version of polenta is suitable for vegetarians, and goes well with other local products (meat, vegetables or fish). To turn normal polenta into polenta taragna, when it is nearly cooked you need to add sizable bits of fresh alpine cheese (branzi, Bitto or formai de mut) and finally butter. Serve it topped with melted butter, sage and garlic.