Bergamo. Wonder is just a step away from EXPO.

Dedicated to Bergamo’s great musician Gaetano Donizetti, it is made from flour, potato starch, butter, sugar, eggs, candied pineapple and apricots, maraschino liqueur, and vanilla.

It is a ring-shaped cake and is dusted with powdered sugar.


Ingredients (for 6-8 people)

• butter 320 gr.

• sugar 135 gr.

• 8 egg yolks

• 4 egg whites

• white flour 50 gr.

• potato starch 120 gr.

• candied apricots (diced) 100 gr.

• candied pineapple (diced) 100 gr.

• maraschino 1 tsp.

• 1 vanilla bean




Whip the butter with 120 grams of sugar, slowly adding an egg yolk, until all ingredients are well blended. Whip the four egg whites into peaks with the remaining sugar (15-20 grams) and add this to the whipped butter mix. Slowly add the flour, the starch, and finally the candied fruit along with the maraschino and vanilla. Butter a 24- to 26-cm ring-shaped cake pan and pour in the prepared ingredients. Place in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for forty minutes.