Beautiful location with breathtaking views over the lower town. The restaurant takes care of its precious outdoor spaces as much as the indoor ones.

Come and discover the welcoming atmosphere of this restaurant and savour its delicious food while enjoying the view!

The menu offers local cuisine: appetisers, first and second courses from both the sea and the land, pizzas and a wide choice of homemade desserts.

Not to be missed in this area

Ti Bergamo

From October 01, 2020 at February 14, 2021

Ti Bergamo

Via San Tomaso, 53, 24121 Bergamo, Bergamo
Bergamo Earth Market


Bergamo Earth Market

Sentierone, 24121 Bergamo, Bergamo

Del Rosso Michela

Montagna da vivere – The Orobie in photographs by Tito Terzi

From November 06, 2020 at January 31, 2021

Montagna da vivere – The...

Piazza Mercato del Fieno, 6a, 24129 Bergamo, Bergamo
Church of S. Vigilio

Ezio Lorenzi, Hardware and household goods

  • +39 035 238988
  • Via Salvecchio, 24129 Bergamo, Bergamo

My Home For You - San Vigilio

S. Vigilio Castle

Relais San Vigilio al Castello

Scorlazzone and Scorlazzino flights of stone steps

Micciche Pietro

Rita Patelli’s Atelier