Slargo Via Vetta

Slargo Via Vetta


Once you reach the ridge and continue along the northern side, houses and gardens become a rare site.

Follow the sign for via Vetta to reach the top of Monte Bastia, the city's highest hill. Further ahead you will see an isolated building, once given to the 'sguratori', workers who handled the maintenance of the Vasi aqueduct that runs, underground, at the base of the slope.

Not to be missed in this area


La Valletta

G. Donizetti Conservatory Concert Season

From October 01, 2022 at December 17, 2022

G. Donizetti Conservatory...

Via S. Salvatore, 11, 24129 Bergamo, Bergamo
Viewpoint in the rural area

Baretto di San Vigilio

  • +39035253191
  • Via al Castello, 1, 24129 Bergamo, Bergamo
Villa Natta Viewpoint

Del Rosso Michela

Rita Patelli’s Atelier

My Home For You - San Vigilio



Villa Neri

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