Adventure Parks
Conquering the woods

A wonderful opportunity to bring out the Indiana Jones hidden in each of us. No temple of doom or lost arks, but lianas to move from tree to tree, bridges, adrenaline and safe fun.

These are the adventure parks of the province of Bergamo, where with a bit of courage and assistance of experts, you can challenge your own limits and spend a different day, even with kids.

On top of Mount Purito for those who love challenges, there is the Selvino Adventure Park, with suspended tunnels and swinging bridges to test your balance.
Swinging logs, pulleys and leaps into the air await you in the Pineta Adventure Park in Clusone, where you can engage yourself in more than one hundred tests of skill and courage following six routes of varying difficulty.
Do not miss one of the largest adventure parks in Italy, the Parco Sospeso nel Bosco (Park Suspended in the Forest) of Spiazzi Gromo, with 135 games of skill to share with your friends surrounded by trees and greenery.
A land of toys for adrenaline lovers, with 10 different routes for everyone, from younglings to adults that can then live the unusual experience of dining in the restaurant suspended in the park.
And if all of this was not enough for you, there are also the Parco del Pitone (Park of the Python) of Gandosso, the Park of Mount Alben in Zambla and Raid Adventure Center in the woodlands of Schilpario, with courses for adults and children.
Surrounded by nature of Roncola, through the wooden walkways of the Adventure Park Bergamo you will find you are much braver than you ever imagined.

Helmet, snap-hooks, strappings and the desire to experiment! The only thing that now remains is to choose the park for you and then get ready for adventure!