Boating on Lake Iseo
Discover the beauty of Monte Isola

Take a trip through nature and history. One that will lead to the discovery of the unique beauty, invisible from the mainland, of Lake Iseo.  The departure is scheduled from Sarnico, a tourist center in the middle of nature, where the lake begins to shrink before turning in the Oglio River. The star of the show is the boat: the link between the artistic towns that inhabit the banks of the lake and will allow you to go and explore the great blue expanse of the lake.

The cruise will take you to Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Europe, surrounded by the two islets of San Paolo and Loreto, two small satellites that are located at the ends of the large planet fortunes seem to protect him, to the incredible ravine the Bogn, the steep and picturesque cliffs at Riva di Solto.

The more you get away from the mainland the more you are able to fully enjoy the magnificent views of the backwoods and freedom which characterizes Sarnico. There is a gem hidden in the vegetation that will surprise you, visible only by boat, Villa Faccanoni.
On board the boat everything takes on a whole new aspect: from the impressive mountains that rise from the banks of the lake basin to the small group of houses that are slowly gathered in picturesque hamlets.
Admiring the fascinating Bogn Ravine, a marvel of nature on the lakeshore, then going along the scenic routes by bike, by car or by motorbike.
After a brief stop, the boat will head towards Lake Iseo, where the vegetation alternates from wide expanses of conifers to isolated groups of olive trees that dot the shores of the lake. Approaching the island of Loreto and its neo-Gothic castle and you will eventually come to Riva di Solto where, in Zorzino, you can admire one of the most amazing creations of nature: the lovely picturesque Bogn ravine, a dizzying rock wall that plunges straightdown into the lake.