The Bergamo in a Splash
Lakes and Rivers: Clean, Clear and Fun

Is it summer and you need to cool off?Looking for fun or relaxation?From the mountains to the plains, there are several lakes and rivers that run and refresh Bergamo and its surroundings.

There are numerous opportunities in Bergamo, and its province.From the refreshing waters of the rivers to the warmer shores of Lake Iseo, as well as the tranquility of the small Lake Endine.
Thanks to the massive presence of mountains there are plenty of places where water flows clear and fresh,  and thanks to its path through the valley, it offers a lot of opportunities for fun!

Relaxation, sports and entertainment, all of it is possible! From picnic areas made for fun, to the wild spaces where nature can help you create beautiful moments and romantic views.
From Sarnico to Lovere, on Lake Sebino: Lido Nettuno and Eurovil, have fun with your family, children or friends. Fantastic facilities are waiting for you! Enjoy the sun and relaxation!
Lake Endine, relax between the banks and thick reeds. No motorized boats, only rowboats and pedal boats! There are great locations for leisure activities and fishing. You can easily rent all your equipment on site!
Is it a hot day? Enjoy the banks near the cool, clear waters of the Serio river, and enjoy the fresh air coming down from the mountain. From the famous beach of the Costone to the lesser known one, sit back, relax and be cool!
Are you looking for fun? There's something for everyone: from rafting to canoeing and fishing. Even for the more daring, like sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding and diving!