Orobie, A Star of Trekking
Between peaks and shelters

The Majesty of the Alpine foothills is just outside the city.

Kilometers of paths between the peaks of Bergamo, a unique universe of shelters and camps where love for exploring embraces authentic rural life.

Shoes, sticks and a water bottle ... armed with your hiking gear come and take a trip to the Orobie peaks: standing over 2,000 meters tall, kissing Bergamo, starting from Valtellina to Lake Como in a display of stunning scenery and shelters dedicated to families or professional trekkers.
Over 1,000 km of trails dotted with peaks, clear mountain lakes and pastures. Discover the richness in the pre-Alps of Bergamo with the long Orobie trail that runs from one end to the other.
Or you can try out the Flower Trail, where the natural variety creates a real high altitude botanical garden that accompanies hikers’ journey with countless multicolored buds.
In the shelters, rediscover the essence of rural life. Unique places where new friends are forged with ancient mountain traditions: mushrooms and cured meats, especially formagelle, Branzi and Taleggio.
Do not miss the opening of the Serio Waterfall. Five chances to contemplate the power of nature in a 315 meter triple jump, among the highest in Italy.


Cascate del Serio 

Sentiero dei Fiori 

Sentiero delle Orobie 

Rifugi Orobie 

Not to miss

After a long walk, let’s have a nice break on a mountain pasture or a shelter, and enjoy 

Bergamo’s DOP cheeses