Iseo - water and wine
The lower lake Iseo - between nature and wonders of art

Rolling hills marked with vineyards, steeples, medieval towers and Art Nouveau villas. The road from Valcalepio  that takes you to Lake Iseo is a concentration of  spectacular.

Driving slowly, cycling, walking, stopping here and there to enjoy the wine in the vineyards of Valcalepio, notice the change in the perfume of the air as you get closer and closer to the lake, and appearing out of nowhere, the medieval profile of the center of Sarnico. Visit the lower area of Iseo, offering outdoor excursions, art, culinary delights and, above all, it never fails to fascinate.

Walk through the vineyards of Valcalepio, among the sweet and gentle hills that hold tiny and cozy cellars.
Relax and let yourself be taken by a glass of wine, paired perfectly with cured meats and local cheeses.
Sarnico not only offers a splendid view of the lake and the surrounding landscape, but reveals a valuable cultural heart.
The Pinacoteca Bellini holds roughly 150 works that offer insight into art from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. Do not miss the Parish Church that stands tall on the landscape with its majestic and elegant facade.
If you take a boat trip you can admire the beautiful gardens and the profile of villa Faccanoni, a dazzling example of Art Nouveau architecture.
Predore, a town not far from Sarnico, not only duplicates the charm mirrored seen on the lake, but offers an opportunity to visit the spa building of a Roman villa built in the first century AD.