The magnificent three
Travel through the most beautiful villages in Italy

Three of the most beautiful towns in Italy are located in the province of Bergamo.

Camerata Cornello, Gromo and Lovere are in fact fully included in the homonymous on-line guide ( ) and share with “the outsider” Clusone, not only the beauty of architecture and landscapes, but old traditions and a communal heart still is alive in the rhythms of life and hospitality. Discover them for Yourself!

Cornello dei Tasso. Behind the modest origins of a rural village lies an architectural gem, reachable only by foot, the Tasso family home, the progenitor of the first postal service that puts Cornello at the center of Europe.
Gromo. Engraved in stones and metals, the history of this charming village is told in the unique slate roof slabs and the processing of iron and steel weapons in the Middle Ages that has earned it the reputation of 'Little Toledo'
Lovere. An amphitheater sandwiched between the lake and the mountains. This is how Lovere introduces itself, enchanting the gaze of all who arrive upon its elegant buildings overlooking the water and the fine art collection of the Accademia Tadini.
It is not mentioned in the guide but should be. The discreet charm of Clusone is confirmed by the amazing cycle of frescoes known as Danse Macabre that have adorned the Oratory of Disciplines since 1485. With its elegant and complex organization, the Clock of the Pietro Fanzago Planetarium has given rhythm to the life in Clusone since 1583 and is perhaps the closest symbol to represent the discrete and unchanging beauty of this town.