In and Around Bergamo on Two Wheels
Exploring the Landscape by bike

Discovering the scents and colors of Bergamo, its truest nature, should be done outdoors in the company of two wheels and on the bike paths that accompany you on a slow journey.

From forests, mountains and lakes to castles and ancient walls, the itineraries proposed here bring to life all their beauty. Bike paths, suitable for both adults and children, welcome you, giving you the most intriguing paths amongst the beautiful scenery of the province of Bergamo. And if you're not an experienced rider, do not worry: these paths just need curiosity and passion for nature.

GREEN WAY OF BERGAMO Following the Morla River, you will pass through the shadow of the Venetian walls and the sunny streets of the Hills Park to reach the monastery of Valmarina on the bicycle and pedestrian path, which connects you to all other bike paths
NEW BIKE PATH OF Astino Two fascinating examples of Benedictine architecture are connected by a new path: the convent of Valmarina to its male counterpart in Astino, history and nature come together along the way!
CLUSONE VALLEY SERIANA You start from the feet of the mountains and the Serio River takes you to a unique path that, between ancient medieval bridges and curious passages, you will get to Clusone, the heart of the Val Seriana.
VALLE BREMBANA (BREMBANA VALLEY) Do you feel more sporty or adventurous? Find out our climbing cliffs, where you can find every level of difficulty, from the steep cliffs to alpine walls.
CYCLE PATHS OF LAKES A lake, three rivers and a thousand paths will take you on a fascinating journey between land and water, where you will discover unique villages devoted to agriculture, ancient villages and the beautiful lowlands of Bergamo.