All places of interest along the historic border between Bergamo and Milan

Once the borderland between the Republic of Venice and the Duchy of Milan, center of industrialization of the end '800 then, the Adda preserves beautiful testimonies of both these periods. All of it is surrounded by landscapes capable of impressing even Leonardo da Vinci!

By moving by bike, by foot or by boat, you will travel the entire route of the river, discovering the historical and natural beauties.

Both landscapes and means of transport are green! A beautiful cycle path is along the riverbank: enjoy a few hours of quiet outdoor, or use it to reach the many attractions located along its route.

Crespi d'Adda, tied in the name and in the territory of the river, is the symbol of the Industrial Revolution in England. Declared World Heritage Site, this industrial village has remained unchanged over time, ready to make enjoy the air of the end '800.

Along the riverbanks you will follow the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci. The Imbersago ferry is in fact based on one of his projects, while the rocky waterfalls of the Adda struck the artist so much that he chose them as the background for his famous work "The Virgin of the Rocks".