Unmissable places between the lake and the mountains

The beauty of Lovere lies both its Art Nouveau buildings and in the variety of attractions that it offers: enjoy a boat trip on the lake, visit a museum of natural history or a beautiful art gallery surrounded by the green hills of the Prealps. 

From the historical center to the beauty of the banks of Lake Iseo, here is everything that you cannot miss in a day in Lovere.

To keep up with the beauty of the natural environment in which it is immersed, the Tadini Academy of Fine Arts had to focus on the artists of the caliber of Bellini, Palma il Giovane, brother Galgario, Tiepolo, Hayez and Canova!

Montisola is not only the largest lake island in Europe, but it is also a huge pedestrian area. The entrance of motor vehicles is in fact reserved only to motorcycles of residents, making the whole area a perfect destination for relaxing excursions.

The cuisine reflects the landscape, combining classic dishes with traditional Bergamo dishes based on lake fish. To accompany such a large variety of dishes, nothing beats the variety of wines produced in the nearby Valley of Calepio!