Bergamo 6 hours
The sites of Bergamo: The ones you definitely can not miss

You don’t have much time but you do not want to miss anything of the wonders of Bergamo? We have prepared a route for you that will allow you to explore the best that the city has to offer, in just six hours.

It starts, not randomly, from the Upper Town: from the Old Square, the square that is the envy of the world: a jewel whose geometries have even left Le Corbusier speechless. But this route will not leave you starving for paintings: You can not miss a visit to the Accademia Carrara, with paintings by Raphael and Botticelli, and the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art.

To reach the top of the city take advantage of the cable car, over 120 years old and recently restored , an experience worth of a transportation museum. The route then takes you into the heart of the sacred city, to the precious Santa Maria Maggiore.
To know Bergamo you even have to know its characters and Bartolomeo Colleoni is certainly one of the most famous. Do not miss a visit to the place where he wanted to leave a trace of his glory with one of the masterpieces of art: the Cappella Colleoni, his tomb.
After the art, shopping! A walk on the Sentierone (large path way), in the heart of the city includes beautiful buildings, luxury boutiques, cafes and great side streets for walking.

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