Get back to appreciating the warmth of the sun and spending time outdoors ... #HaveAGoodDay!

It is spring, the ideal season to experience new outdoor adventures: rediscover the pleasure of exploring nature, discover the outdoor experiences of Visit Bergamo!

Ride in the cool of the mountains and the tranquility of the plain on a comfortable E-bike. The thrill of being caressed by the wind while admiring beautiful landscapes is unique!
If you've always dreamed of the adrenaline rush you feel suspended in the air, it's time to really experience it! In the adventure parks, you can try your hand at skill courses 20 metres above the ground.
Higher and higher, with rock climbing: test your courage in the Seriana and Scalve Valleys. In contact with the bare rock you can feel the true essence of the mountain!
And if the water doesn't scare you, don't miss the opportunity to paddle in the waters of the Adda and Lake Endine aboard a kayak! You will admire the most beautiful lake and river landscapes in the province.
More interested in your taste buds? Discover the flavours of the territory thanks to EastLombardy certified producers and restaurateurs: Explore the province of Bergamo through dishes and experiences!