Amazing beauty
…pills of beauty to be taken calmly...

While nature flourishes, Bergamo is reborn: more beautiful, cleaner and slower. In this season the colours are more vivid and the weather is mild.

What better time to reconnect with nature?

We show you some spectacular places, ideal for a slow holiday, dedicated to a digital detox.

To really discover how much beauty lies behind each landscape, you will have to do it yourself!

The tranquility of the lake.
The horizon at high altitude.
The poetry of the villages.
The explosion of colour.
The romance of a walk out of time.
The taste of an adventure.
The rough and wild side of the mountain.
The perfect geometries of industriousness.
The fresh air of the valleys.
And the pleasure of being together.

In order of appearance:


Bogn in Riva di Solta – Lake Iseo

Lake front – Lake Iseo

Excusion in Cerviera Valley – Seriana Valley

Predore – Lake Iseo

Flowers blossoming – Terre del Vescovado (Bishopric Lands)

Valgoglio – Seriana Valley

Bike riding in Presolana – Seriana Valley

Cerviera Valley – Seriana Valley

Vineyards - Terre del Vescovado (Bishopric Lands)

Carona – Brembana Valley

Amazing people from Bergamo