The best shopping is in the streets of the city

Tradition, passion, experience: these are the qualities of Bergamo's shops, many of which are historic, with a long family tradition, closely linked to the territory by birth or vocation. Visit them and they will surprise you with their now traditional, now innovative, always valuable products.

Stroll through the streets of the centre, stop for a break in the wonderful shops and let yourself be overcome by the products that embellish the hundreds of bright shop windows. They are all special, all accompanied by unique stories. In the city’s stores, you will also have the solid know-how of those who created, chose and paired the products - knowledge acquired over many years. 

It will be an opportunity to appreciate the inventiveness and originality of local artisans, far from the support of mass production, as well as to rediscover products that you may have forgotten even existed.

Buy in small shops in Bergamo and rediscover the pleasure of human relationships, following the relaxing rhythms of the past.

CLOTHING STORES AND SARTORIAL BOUTIQUES are waiting for you to advise you on the renewal of your wardrobe, on a dress for an important occasion, on the perfect gift. Here you will discover all the pleasure of buying original, quality, ready-made or tailor-made creations just for you.
ENJOY A BREAK IN A CAFÉ OR RESTAURANT that animates the centre of Bergamo: at a café for a coffee or at a restaurant for a multi-course meal, you can enjoy local or international specialties while chatting with those who have expertly prepared them. Mouth-watering goodness!
If you want to take home something tasty, BAKERIES AND SPECIALTY FOOD STORES await you with delicacies of all kinds, from bread to focaccia, from ready meals to fresh pasta such as casoncelli and scarpinòcc, without forgetting the cheeses from the valleys and the Donizetti Cake. An unmissable stop!
At our ARTISAN SHOPS you will rediscover many historic crafts. From Bergamo’s GOLDSMITHS, you will find unique pieces made with all the mastery of a multi-millennial art, precious for raw materials and unrepeatable for manual work, and you can commission custom objects that will remain with you forever.
From our FURNISHERS you will have the pleasure of immersing yourself in the warm and soft atmosphere of oriental tapestries, local textiles, Italian and international furniture and furnishings. All of unique workmanship and excellent materials.
Need a technical opinion? In the centre of Bergamo there are also COACHWORK artisans, some of which have been open since the early 1900s. Entrusted to an experience that embraces the entire evolution of transport means, your vehicle is in excellent hands.
And if you are planning something special, even just with yourself, a few steps from each other you will find FLORISTS, HAIRDRESSERS, FRAMERS and a thousand other activities to visit to enjoy your time. Treat yourself!



Ghilardi Cornici d’Arte

Landi Fashion


La Bottega del Coltello



Mandarina Duck

Massimo Colleoni Tappezziere


Paolo Carrara Tappezziere

Marziali e Farneti Ottici

Nocenti Pierino

Foto Ottica Skandia

Alba Abbigliamento di Mangili Giovanni

Gioielleria Recalcati Davide e Figlio