The charm of the "Borgo d'Oro"
Borgo Santa Caterina is officially among the most beautiful boroughs in Italy.

From April, the family of “The most beautiful villages in Italy” widens and welcomes Borgo Santa Caterina as its honorary borough.

A real gem, the neighborhood is located just outside the centre of Bergamo, along one of the streets that descend from the Upper Town, passing through Porta Sant'Agostino.

Once it was a medieval village located outside the city walls, where the roads coming from the two Bergamo valleys converged. Today it is a very lively neighbourhood, full of workshops, craft shops and creative and original establishments. Here, is the Bergamo waiting to be discovered, where to lose yourself in one shop after another.

It is also the district of art and culture. The Accademia Carrara, a prestigious art gallery where over 600 works of art are exhibited, is located right in the golden neighbourhood and together with GAMeC, a modern and contemporary art gallery, represents one of the city’s cultural poles.

Here's what we recommend for exploring this small city in the city:


VISIT THE ACCADEMIA CARRARA: the neighbourhood’s pearl, the city’s art gallery is a must for anyone visiting Bergamo. Explore its halls and set off on a journey into Italian art.
ADMIRE THE 3 CANVASES OF SANTA CATERINA, kept in the parish church and discover the Sanctuary of the Addolorata.
VISIT THE CHURCH and THE CLOISTER DEI CELESTINI and breathe the atmosphere of the monastery.
HAVE A PICNIC AT SUARDI PARK, a large green oasis where you can relax in the shade of large trees and where children can play freely.
LOSE YOURSELF AMONG THE ARTISAN WORKSHOPS: you won't find the usual shops but tailor-made boutiques, artisan workshops and historic trades.
DISCOVER THE SANTA CATERINA’S FLAVOURS: from the pastries at the Camponuovo patisserie to the delicious Fiaschetteria raclette. From the Beer Garage craft beer to the atypical Cantiere Cucina dishes.
PARTICIPATE IN THE FESTIVAL OF APPARITION : on August 18th, every year, the solemn evening procession is held with the ancient simulacrum of Our Lady of Sorrows. On August 17th, as usual, we witness the great fireworks display at the stadium in honour of Our Lady and on August 16th, all together, we have dinner along the main street of the Borgo d’Oro.
VIVI IL VENERDI’ DEL BORGO: in estate, per 4 venerdì sera, il borgo si popola di musica, mercatini, laboratori e street food.

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Photo credits: Archivio Parrocchia di S. Caterina - Bergamo