The menu has been enriched with a brand new and delicious dish!

Casoncelli, Scarpinocc and the new entry Creste Scalvine... Bergamo certainly knows its stuffed pastas!

And here's the news, a new dish that will rightfully become part of the typical Scalve Valley menus: the Creste Scalvine.

A pasta filled with delicious Scalve Valley formaggella cheese, it even won a prize at the Cheese Olympics. A delicious dish that can only be savoured in 17 restaurants in the Scalve Valley. The Creste Scalvine were born from the ingenuity and collaboration between the Scalve Valley’s restaurateurs. These include chefs Dario Soldo and Mea Tagliaferri, respectively of the restaurants Cesira in Colere and San Marco in Schilpario and the Sociale Montana Dairy in Scalve.


A chest of fresh pasta that hides a treasure. An exquisite fondue made from Scalve formaggella cheese. And the filling has been created specifically for this new dish by the Sociale Montana Dairy in Scalve.
The valley’s restaurateurs have gathered on several occasions to experiment and share the recipe and taste the different preparation methods. This has resulted in the optimal proportion of the various ingredients.
Jagged like the ridges of the mountains, they are a tribute to the mountains that surround the Scalve Valley. The crests of Presolana and Pizzo Camino are the enchanting inspirations for the name of this new dish.
And for the condiment, it is the chef who decides. There is however, one condition, they must be inspired by the current season! In spring the Creste Scalvine will smell of wild flowers and herbs and in the autumn, they will be served in a mushroom or pumpkin sauce!