Come and discover the art and history of the Diocese of Bergamo.

The Bernareggi Foundation enhances the religious artistic heritage of the area and tells the story of the Christian Church in Bergamo and its province.

A collection of works by great artists, such as Lotto, Moroni, Crespi and Ceresa, and liturgical objects collected from the numerous churches of the Diocese are part of a collection initiated by Msgr. Adriano Bernareggi, bishop of Bergamo from 1936 to 1953.

And in the basement of the Cathedral of Sant'Alessandro you can admire the archaeological evidence of the history of Bergamo from the 10th to the 16th century BC, here a truly unique and rare treasure is kept.


BERNAREGGI MUSEUM Ancient works of art, from the Bernareggi collection and the diocesan heritage, and works of contemporary art collected during the exhibition projects linked in particular to the San Lupo Oratory.
CATHEDRAL MUSEUM Located under the Cathedral of Sant'Alessandro, it is a testimony to the wealth of the historical, archaeological and artistic heritage of the city of Bergamo. It allows visitors to discover traces of history so they can better understand the city of today.
SAN BERNARDINO CHURCH A masterpiece by Lorenzo Lotto, the painting "Madonna Enthroned with Child, Saints Joseph, Bernardino, Giovanni Battista, Antonio Abate and Angels", is kept in this church in the heart of lower Bergamo.
NETWORK OF MUSEUMS The Network of Ecclesiastical Museums of the Diocese of Bergamo is a project that combines the best collections of the city and the province.