The shape of water
The Via Mala

One of the thousand waterfalls that you find in the Scalve Valley: immobile in its perennial fall, this water inspires a sense of purity and refreshment. The rock welcomes it and is consumed under its passage, accompanying the descent with ravines and ledges. Even the stones seem to wait for this refreshment whose sound rests the mind and quietens thoughts.


A deep vertigo

This is the feeling you experience in front of the Via Mala Ravine. Your eyes wander from the blue of the water flowing down to the rocky walls, stained with vegetation. The geometry of the layers of rock recalls in its grooves the tragic passage of the enormous mass of water, 6 million cubic metres, which, having escaped from the Gleno Dam, on 1 December 1923 erased entire towns.


Rock formations

Still faces, yet constantly changing, covered by a veil of water, surrounded by the green of the moss and grass, guarding the Scalve Valley from the steep walls of Via Mala. The veil of water, at certain times of the day, offers a rainbow show playing with the rays of the sun.