“Terre del Vescovado” - Bishopric Lands: ready to be discovered!
Flavours, DOCG wines, historic villages, ancient noble residences and enchanting landscapes for the Terre del Vescovado.

An area rich in remarkable enogastronomic realities, such as Moscato di Scanzo, olive oil and craft beers. In the background, small villages where the cultivations of vineyards alternate with castles and historic residences, evidence of the past. Join us on this journey through the Terre del Vescovado!


Flavors of the Vescovado Lands to be savoured: in the Vescovado you will find excellent products such as olive oil, jams, cured meats, cheeses and craft beers. It's fantastic to lose yourself amid the flavours.
Moscato di Scanzo Small but... good! On only 31 hectares the smallest DOCG in Italy is produced: the Moscato di Scanzo. A high-quality red fruit passito, it is produced only here, in the Terre del Vescovado.
Enchanted villages Thirteen Municipalities linked by the thread of history: in Chiuduno the castle is among the oldest in the province, while the thirteenth-century Camozzi Vertova castle dominates the hill of San Giovanni.
Historic villas and manors The historic villas, residences of noble families, which underpin the Terre del Vescovado tell of battles, conspiracies, loves and betrayals. A compelling novel that you can interpret too.
Experiences Between hills and plains, explore these lands by walking or cycling. Or try to mount a horse and look at the world from up a little higher.