It’s springtime!
Here are 5 special things to do to enjoy spring in Bergamo!

If you’re planning a trip to Bergamo during the spring, here are our tips to plan your holiday: they are the best ways to discover the beauty of our land.

Walks amid nature, excursions on the lake, lunches on the terraces of local restaurants… you’ll see how spring colours everything! 

In spring the Botanical Gardens in the Upper Town reopen and prepare for flowering. It is one of the best times to visit: in April, you will find over 100 varieties of tulips in bloom.
Hibernation is over! Bergamo’s mountains are populated with animals taking their first steps in the woods, attracted by the warm sun and blossoming nature. Keep your eye out for them during your high altitude walks!
The Orobic valleys await you with breath-taking landscapes. What are you waiting for? A hike along mountain trails is ideal for getting back into shape and reviving your energy after a long winter.
In the saddle! Two wheels, motorised or not, are the ideal way to admire Lake Iseo which opens in the spring. Ride along the lakefront and enjoy the variety of landscapes that unfold as you pass by!
For a quiet trip, there is the boat along the Adda river, which moves quietly amid the Park’s greenery. In the nearby ornithological oasis of Alberone you can go bird watching and relax and enjoy nature’s awakening.