Fasten your seat belts and set off on a journey to discover Bergamo’s cuisine.

Don't miss even one of the flavours of Bergamo’s culinary tradition.

Here is an ad hoc menu for you: from breakfast to dinner, an itinerary based on local specialties.

All things you can enjoy in a typical restaurant or buy in artisan shops. You will take home the scents of your journey.


A musical breakfast with the Donizetti cake that hides candied apricot and pineapple in its soft dough.
A bread and salami based snack, fragrant, succulent; it melts in your mouth and is the pride of the Bergamasco people. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll never forget it!
Casoncelli for lunch: special ravioli whose filling has a secret recipe, jealously guarded by every Bergamasco family. Served with melted butter, pancetta and sage!
Or if you prefer Scarpinòcc de Par, a leaner version of casoncelli, they don’t contain meat but only cheese, breadcrumbs, eggs, butter and spices. Special touch: raisins.
Bergamo is synonymous with polenta: the yellow gold of the poor par excellence, polenta is the most widespread tradition. It gives the best of itself accompanied by rabbit in red wine.
A more succulent meat is braised beef: the gravy that is created during the slow cooking is poured over polenta to flavour it.
With a good 9 DOP cheeses, Bergamo is the “cheese capital”. Formai de Mut, Taleggio, Bitto, Grana Padano, Gorgonzola, Quartirolo Lombardo, Provolone Valpadana, Salva Cremasco and Strachitunt. To be enjoyed alone or with jams or honey at all hours.
And to drink? A glass of ValCalepio doc goes perfectly with everything and for desserts, Moscato di Scanzo: a sweet wine, delicious and enveloping. A must taste.