Cavallina Valley - Five great reasons to visit.
Two castles, one lake, an oratory frescoed by Lorenzo Lotto and even a thermal spa: Cavallina Valley awaits you!

In Trescore Balneario, the heart of the Cavallina Valley, stands the Suardi chapel, frescoed in 1500 by the great Venetian painter Lorenzo Lotto.

His Cristo–vite is a masterpiece absolutely to be admired. A fun fact: At the entrance of the chapel, Lorenzo Lotto has represented himself dressed as a hunter, accompanied by an owl... look for him!

In the Cavallina Valley, there’s a small lake set between the high mountains. You have a choice of several different types of boats to use to sail its waters and discover its most hidden corners.
On this lake there are several manors: from the wonderful medieval castle of Monasterolo to the one of Bianzano which has a mysterious history that can be traced back to the Templars.

Finally, the Cavallina Valley has some of the most sulphur-rich waters in Italy. The Trescore thermal spa uses these waters and has for centuries been a beneficial place for health. 

To avert tremendous floods predicted by an astrologer, Count Suardi commissioned Lotto to paint the frescoes of the chapel: sometimes, superstition is positive!
On the shores of Lake Endine you will find reeds alternating with small and pretty beaches. Completely swimmable, in summer it is a great retreat from the heat.
It was love at first sight between an English countess and the Monasterolo Castle. In the 1930s, the manor and the gardens returned to their former glory and remain that way today.
An imposing castle dating back to the 13th century, a symbol-rich architecture scattered with esoteric clues. Let's see if you can find them all!
In 1470, the leader Bartolomeo Colleoni realised a prestigious spa resort utilising the beneficial sulphurous waters of Trescore. The centre is still very popular today.