Thirty years after the first reintroduction to the Bergamasco Orobie mountains, the number of Alpine Ibexes as grown steadily. Today there is an estimated population of 1000 animals.

During your excursions to the Orobie Alps pay attention to their presence and use this information card to signal any Ibex sightings.

If you capture any beautiful photos you can take part in the photo competition.

You can also contribute through your observations, to the knowledge and conservation of this species


During your excursions on the trails of the Bergamo Orobie, pay attention to the presence of Alpine Ibexes.


Use the information card that you can pick up at the CAI mountain refuges in the Orobie or at Sport Specialist shops to mark the ibexes that you observed.

3. SEND 

Deliver or post the compiled information card by mail, or enter the data directly into the online form.


During your excursions, photograph the ibexes that you see.


Share your photos and participate in the photo contest on Facebook.

For more information visit the website 

And watch the documentary about this fascinating king of the mountains.