Get ready to experience a journey along the paths of Bergamo and its province’s history, in a green network that develops throughout ten municipalities: The Regional Park of the Hills of Bergamo – Il Parco regionale dei Colli di Bergamo.

Almost 5 thousand hectares of protected natural landscape. A perfect ecosystem designed over the centuries by man's hands: historic villages and vineyards, chestnut woods and olive groves.

Starting from the heart of Upper Bergamo you can reach the Astino and Valmarina valleys along the Road of the Benedictine Monasteries, a pedestrian/cycle path surrounded by green hills. And, if you have fit legs, why not climb to the top of Canto Alto mountain, widening your gaze across the Apennines. Take a break in one of the agriturismos and taste some of the area’s authentic products. You’ll find all of this within Bergamo’s Parco dei Colli, the third largest park in Lombardy, which since 1977 has been preserving the territory and its peculiarities. Where every day is a discovery.


“Bergamo’s landscape is really the most beautiful I have ever seen. The woods on the hills behind Bergamo are more enchanting than you could ever imagine.” – Stendhal

The Vallumbrosan monks and the Benedictine nuns chose to settle in the two valleys of Astino and Valmarina, where for centuries they followed the Benedictine rule "ora et labora". Today the Valmarina monastery is a lively place in Bergamo’s Parco dei Colli. Astino on the hand hosts a number of big events.
It is one of the Park’s richest areas from a naturalistic point of view, in fact it is a Nature Reserve. The rocky walls are extremely important as a nesting place for birds of prey. It is also home to the “ululone”, the yellow-bellied toad (Bombina variegata), a rare species of amphibian.
In a landscape of rolling hills, Canto Alto is the mighty mountain. With its 1146 metres of altitude, it is an exceptional panoramic view point. From here you can see the profile of the Apennines, the triangle of Monviso, Monte Rosa and Mischabel, to the mountains of Foppolo and Presolana.
Pedal in the silence, 17km surrounded by the scents of the forest. The route’s ups and downs take you to the foot of the Sombreno sanctuary, among the Baroque villas of Mozzo, Valbrembo with rural houses and expanses of fields, to Paladina with its views over the Brembo River and the plain of Almè.
The best way to get to know Bergamo’s Parco dei Colli is on foot. Walk slowly to the heart of the Park through the dense 75 km network of paths, staircases and old mule tracks. And for a gastronomic stop over, stop by one of the agriturismos.