And... three! Bergamo holds another record!
In the just over a year Bergamo has earned 3 titles officially certified by Guinness World Records: on July 9, the prize was for embracing the Presolana!

An initiative born to bring the mountain back to the center of attention that has turned into a big party, giving another World Guinness Record to the Bergamo territory after the two earned in 2016 for the Hug of the Walls.

This time it was the Presolana that was “surrounded” affectionately, with its 2521 metres, it is called the Queen of the Orobie. Over 3000 people joined together by rope making this feat possible.  

The official investiture reads: "New world record for the most people connected by a rope". How exciting! 

To emphasise the mountain as an important resource to live and preserve, the Province of Bergamo and the Italian Alpine Club have launched the challenge of the "Cordota della Presolana"
Registration helped to finance the ‘Mountains for all’ project, with the aim of making mountain refuges and mountain trails in Bergamo’s mountains accessible also to those with mobility disabilities.
On Sunday, July 9, along 20 km of trails, more than 3,000 people linked to each other, giving life to the longest group of people roped together in history!
A union of people, but above all a union of feelings and emotions, so much positive energy because the real prize is to feel part of a feat that will remain in history!
Come and walk the "Record Trail" that embraces Queen of the Orobie, a trail for those who want to realise their dreams.

Embrace of the Presolana – Video from the helicopter