Bergamo World Heritage Site
The Walls that unite 6 cities, 3 regions and many nations achieve their goal!

It’s a long story and finishes with a happy ending. The Venetian Works of Defence, located along a transnational path, from Bergamo to Montenegro passing through Croatia, have been recognised by UNESCO as the 53rd Italian heritage and 11th in Lombardy.

The final discussion on the assignment of this very important title took place in Kraków from July 7 to 9, putting the seal on a journey that began in 2007.

Our city was the leader of the candidacy "Venetian Works of Defence between the XVI and XVII centuries. State de terra - State de Mar", which in Italy also involved Peschiera, Palmanova, as well as Šibenik and Zara in Croatia and Kotor in Montenegro.

With this recognition. Bergamo’s enormous and historical value has been consecrated on a worldwide scale.

Originally it was a particular intuition: to enhance the walls of Bergamo along with other Venetian fortifications in Italy and beyond.
Over the years, the places to be included in the candidacy were set at 11. A defensive route measuring over 1000 km, from Bergamo to Cyprus, built by the Republic of Venice.
On July 3 2016, Bergamo organised the Hug of the Walls, an initiative that made it to the Guinness Book of Records, to support the UNESCO candidacy.
In May 2017, the application was accepted, but the sites were reduced from 11 to 6: Bergamo, Peschiera, Palmanova, Zadar, Šibenik, Kotor.
On July 9, 2017, in Krakow, the most anticipated news was delivered. Bergamo is officially World Heritage Site!