Bergamo, land of Records!
One year on from the Hug of the Venetian Walls, the Guinness World Records recognises a new primacy in Bergamo: the world’s largest couples hug!

On July 3, 2017, Bergamo celebrated the 1st anniversary as the Land of Records.

Exactly a year ago, 11,507 people met in the Upper Town to embrace the symbol of the city, the Venetian walls, to request recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On that occasion Bergamo obtained its 1st Guinness World Record for achieving the world's longest hug relay, and just a few days ago it received the acknowledgment of a 2nd record for hosting the greatest number of couples hugging in history, with 5,730 couples.

One record after another, which Tourism Bergamo is celebrating with the launch of a new site entirely dedicated to the Hug of the Venetian Walls and the 11,507 participants (

A wonderful birthday present for our land!

The Venetian Walls have been a UNESCO site since 2017

On July 3, 2016 Bergamo won the Record for the longest chain of hugs! A relay of 1,250 consecutive hugs that united young and old, children and grandparents in a unique event!
In 2017 Bergamo doubled its record! The World Guinness Record has recognised the Hug of the Venetian Walls as a new record: the world's biggest couple hug! The recorded consisted of 5,730 couples united for 10 seconds along the 5 km of the city's Venetian walls.
It was an unforgettable experience: 11507 participants, 660 volunteers, over 30 participating municipalities together with numerous associations. So much work for preparation and success, but above all so much passion, enthusiasm, desire to be together!
Do you want to relive that magical moment? Watch the official Hug of the Venetian Wall video!
And finally... what better way to celebrate the biggest hug in history, if you don’t take the "world’s longest photo"? Visit the Hug of the Venetian Walls website, browse the gallery and share the image on your social networks! Visit the website:

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