Bergamo Quest: It that your final answer?
A new app ready to be played! Download it and answer the quiz questions: discover Bergamo with a fun treasure hunt!

Visiting a city with the same old guide books can get a bit boring: thanks to Bergamo Quest it will turn into a challenging and interactive game!

Bergamo Quest is a new app that’s free to download: the city is mapped out with all sights highlighted. When you get close to one of them, a pop-up appears with a question related to place where you are. If you guess the right answer you’ll be shown the entire description of the point of interest. The more answers you get right, the more points you get: at the you’ll receive an acknowledgment for your level of Bergamo expertise.

Fun, right? What are you waiting for? Play with Bergamo and its beauty now! 

Download the App for IOS

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Bergamo Quest is an innovative app that combines geolocation with fun riddles to take you on a treasure hunt.
How does it work? The whole city is mapped out: when you’re near a point of interest a pop-up is activated with a question about the sight. If you answer correctly, you get all the information about that sight.
You gain points for every question answered: at the end of your tour you can test how much you know about Bergamo thanks to the score you achieved. A challenging game that ignites curiosity. You’ll become a real expert on Bergamo.
Worried about using all your internet to download the app? No problem! Connect to Bergamo WIFI to download the app and voilà! The app works perfectly wherever you are, even without network coverage.
Bergamo Quest is a game designed for tourists but also for the people of Bergamo, who can learn more anecdotes and facts about their city by answering the 31 quiz questions.