The latest trend? Hand-made! Bespoke shopping is in Bergamo..
A stone’s throw from Milan, home of fashion, you will find the most exclusive addresses providing artisanal know-how Made in Italy: are you ready to hit the shops?

Unique pieces designed and created for you. It is the latest trend for the most gregarious shopping addicts! Immerse yourself in the historic areas of Bergamo with us: we’ll reveal the most secret locations where you can discover the real hidden gems of craftsmanship…

Small shops enclosed in the ancient streets are the home to the hand creation of masterpieces, where the knowledge of such creation has been passed down through generations. Here you can find workshops-laboratories where attention to detail is the rule to which you do not waiver. Bespoke shopping is awaiting you in Bergamo! 

For those who love to enrich their style with unique items, a stop in Città Alta is compulsory! From a sea of coloured headbands in every shape and style by Evelyne Aymon, to the compositions of natural materials in L’Atelier di Rita Patelli. And then there’s the unique jewellery from Dessel or the cashmere knitwear from La Bottega di Nonna Betta.
A little bit trendy, a little bit gourmand? The next stop is in Borgo Santa Caterina: an excellent place for nightlife, but not only that. Here, between the artisan shops, you will find the most delicious historical shops such as Ol Formagèr or Palatofino.
Lovers of vintage and hand-made products? Hiding in Borgo San Leonardo are some wonderful couture boutiques. For children there is Chiara P.; for adults who have not yet lost their imagination there is La Bottega di Laura, MateriaPrima, Flamingo and Lena Store.
For art lovers, via San Tomaso is the place to find particular pieces ranging from antiques to contemporary design. For style tips visit 29arte, Galleria Ceribelli or Custhome. And finish with an aperitif with a view at Gamec or the Accademia Carrara… what else?!
True delicacies await you in Borgo Pignolo: artisan ice cream parlours, cafes like La Chicca, shops full of organic and km0 products such as CiBìo. Start taking care of your body by carefully choosing what you eat: beauty and health go hand in hand.