The food and wine excellences of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua

East Lombardy is the symbol of the virtuous collaboration between the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua, united in respect of the quality and food and wine tradition of their respective territories.

With East Lombardy you know that you can enjoy unique flavours. The producers and restaurateurs who join the initiative guarantee quality raw materials, as well as their processing. But not only that: respect for nature, whether cultivated or bred, is also paramount. East Lombardy is a culture of zero-km healthy and eco-sustainable food.

A culture that also embraces the continuous search for improvement, which is why tradition is not synonymous with immobility here, but a solid basis for delicious variations.

Excellence for over five years. In 2017, in fact, East Lombardy obtained the prestigious title of European Region of Gastronomy.

East Lombardy is a territory featuring the best food and wine:
24 PDO and PGI products
25 wines including COD, CGOD and TIG
23 starred restaurants
11 Slow Food Presidia
If you want to enjoy an authentic experience, don't miss the best of East Lombardy gastronomy: stuffed fresh pasta, cheese, Franciacorta delicious wines. Not to mention Garda Lake olive oil, polenta, freshwater fish and Torrone. This is what our generous land offers us, this is what our expert chefs use to create their delicious dishes.
The producers are the backbone of the food and wine sector involved in the project. Each with its own history, ideals and rigorous principles that only a great passion for the chosen work can inspire.
From land to table - ingredients from the four provinces are processed and combined in the best possible way. Each restaurant offers a signature dish, recommended by the chef, and an East Lombardy dish that interprets, or reinterprets, one or more typical flavours of the area in which it is located.
From this year you can also buy East Lombardy products in the brand's shop, inaugurated at the Milan-Bergamo airport. Undecided what to choose? Taste what inspires you the most, and... if you make a purchase, there’s a free tasting!
Go to the East Lombardy website, choose the restaurant for your next dinner or the farm to visit to buy short chain products! East Lombardy awaits you with irresistible flavours and aromas.