10 things you definitely must do in Bergamo
If you want to feel like an authentic citizen from Bergamo you have to...

It's time to come to Bergamo for a stratospheric holiday! It is the perfect destination for a city break and so you don’t find yourself unprepared, we have compiled a list of the 10 things that can’t be missing from your itinerary. What are you waiting for?

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1/10 | Going up to the Old Town with the cableway.
The Funiculars have been crossing the Walls of Bergamo for 120 years, connecting the modern centre with the medieval heart of the city. An amazing view along the way, and as soon as the sliding doors open back, you are already in love with Bergamo.
2/10 | Taking a stroll along the 5 kilometres of the Venetian Walls, UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Take a walk along the 5 km-long perimeter of our Venetian Walls, the stars of Bergamo’s enchanting skyline. Sunset from the ramparts is just amazing! Here’s a little secret: if you use one of the telescopes along the way, you can even see Milan!
3/10 | Visiting one single building to meet every master of Renaissance: the Accademia Carrara.
Botticelli, Bellini, Raphael, Titian, Lotto and the great portraitist from Bergamo, Moroni. Go meet the geniuses of XVI Century Italian art, all gathered in the Accademia Carrara: its collection is one of the most valuable in Europe.
4/10 | Listening to Donizetti’s music in his birthplace
Go visit the house where the great music composer was born: you will understand the essence of his private history and listen to his masterpieces echoing through these ancient walls.
5/10 | Finding out how many steps there are in Bergamo.
Exploring the protected area of the Hills Park climbing up the many stairways crossing its woods and fields is an unusual way to discover the green heart of Bergamo, enjoying some breath-taking and unexpected landscapes.
6/10 | Shaking hands with a Nobel Prize winner
The great events season never ends in Bergamo: go meet the Nobel Prize winner at BergamoScienza festival, find out how can Piazza Vecchia be turned into a design garden and chose what you prefer among philosophy, cinema, narratives and much more.
7/10 | Tasting Stracciatella ice cream flavour right where it was created.
Milk ice cream with crunchy dark chocolate. How was Stracciatella invented? If you want to know it, we suggest you to go to “La Marianna” in Colle Aperto, the ice cream parlour where children’s most-loved flavour was created.
8/10 Counting the hundred tolls of the Campanone bell
Do not miss this centennial appointment. Every night at 10 in Piazza Vecchia the great bell on top of the Civic Tower tolls one hundred times: it used to warn the inhabitants of the city about the upcoming closing of the gates.
9/10 Doing what every grandma from Bergamo suggest: “Touch Colleoni’s balls!”
Here’s a little good-luck ritual: on the Colleoni Chapel fence there is a coat of arm depicting the testicles of the war leader Bartolomeo Colleoni. They are three and they are very shiny: legend has it that rubbing them brings good luck!
10/10 Experiencing Bergamo from dusk to dawn
Discover Bergamo’s nightlife: enjoy a happy hour in one of the lovely bars of Piazza Pontida, featuring cocktails, delicious buffets and DJ sets. Then go to Borgo Santa Caterina district, full of pubs and music, and end with a bang in one of our fantastic clubs or at a live music concert.