Google Trekker
Exploring the Orobie mountains: the time is now!

After deserts, forests and the Dolomites, now you can also explore the Orobie Mountains online. Schedule your excursion and explore the mountain trails before even preparing your backpack: you can admire our beautiful natural landscapes while sitting on your couch!

The sun warming the trekker’s route, nature all around, pure air and the amazing peaks of Bergamo: is there a better way to enjoy nature? From now on, Google Trekker View allows you to have a preview of 30 different pathways going from the valley to the 17 CAI mountain refuges, so that you can admire the natural beauties of the Orobie Park. The project, promoted by Bergamo Province and by Bergamo CAI – Club Alpino Italiano, aims to shorten the distance between your desk and the boundless natural landscapes of our mountains: all you need to do is select one of the mapped hiking trails and go.

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Equipped with 15 ultra high-resolution cameras, the Google backpack has detected the itineraries of the Bergamo Orobie Mountains, creating 360 ° views and offering the users an immersive version of alpine landscapes.
From San Pellegrino Terme to Castione della Presolana, passing by Colere, Taleggio and Valbondione: Google Trekker trails are easy to take, as they start from the villages in the valley floor and go up to the mountain tops.
You can finally admire on the Internet the breath-taking views of the Laghi Gemelli (The Twin Lakes), the Gleno Dam or the Scagnello Pass. In just one click you can enjoy a relaxing break in the nature: take a deep breath and experience the clean air.
Take a look at the preview on Google and you will immediately spot the refuges: the Tagliaferri, the Magnolini and the other 15. The landscape is online, but a steamy polenta dish must be enjoyed live.
Which trail are you going to chose? Find your favourite one by exploring Bergamo mountains and the mapped itineraries, browsing the websites of the Province of Bergamo, CAI Club Alpino Italiano and Google International.