TripAdvsor says
Bergamo’s countless attractions

Nicolas from Greece, a traveller who loves cities of art, defined Bergamo as an “open air museum”. Francisco from Guatemala described it as “one of the most interesting places visited in Italy”, and its Città Alta (upper town) as a “balcony on the Lombard plain”. According to JuanLu from Madrid, the city is “a unique place, worthy of a movie set”.

These outstanding portraits of Bergamo come from a research carried out on the TripAdvisor website, one of the most popular tourist portal where millions of travellers provide their online reviews of cities, hotels and attractions, rating their experience excellent, very good, average, poor or terrible.

Among the most beloved gems of Bergamo we can find, not surprisingly, the Piazza Vecchia, a magnificent meeting place “far from mass tourism” that deeply impressed 502 users.
The funicular railways, “vintage” marvels from where people can “admire breathtaking views”, are also beloved by visitors and had been recommended by 499 people. The basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, with its “overwhelming beauty” has been rated excellent by 294 people on a total of 372.
More than 70% of the users reviewing Bergamo gave a positive response to the city visit, with a satisfaction peak as regards the Città Alta. On a total of 1767 travellers, 76% of them rated the experience excellent, 22% described it as very good and only 2% of travellers found it average.