Lake Iseo - A gem surrounded by the mountains
Discover the five best reasons for visit Iseo Lake!

Discovering  the five best reasons for visit Sebino, the ancient name of this lake surrounded by prealps and by lush vegetation, among art, culture, food and wine. 

Old hamlets rich of culture and tradition overlooking the lake, scenic roads along amazing landscapes, ravines, beaches and silent spots.

Lake Iseo is a real wonder, only 30 kilometres from Bergamo: here you can enjoy an excursion by boat, a nice bath or a long walk, tasting the local cuisine along with the best wines of the territory. 

Enjoying a retro atmosphere in the heart of the ancient village of Sarnico, among elegant art Nouveau Mansions and floral decorations, to feel the vibes of the early XX Century in a relaxing and elegant small town.
Having a romantic day along the lakefront promenade of Lovere, one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, exploring the harbour and Canova’s neoclassical art inside the Accademia Tadini Gallery.
Exploring the heart of the lake, Montisola, Europe’s largest lake island, and taking the boat to go to San Paolo and Loreto islands: a journey across myths and legends.
Admiring the fascinating Bogn Ravine, a marvel of nature on the lakeshore, then going along the scenic routes by bike, by car or by motorbike.
Watching sardines, whitefishes and chubs drying out under the sun, then enjoying their taste with some olive oil and many other local delicacies, along with a glass of Val Calepio wine.

For further information visit the official tourist board website about Lago d'Iseo

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